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Xentino - SAX3-90S IP Set Top Box

The SAX3-90S is the most cost effective Model Set Top Box for HDTV Service. It uses H.264 Codec and can be deploy to Cable or Telecom Operators network.

By accessing broadband IP network, SAX3-90S provides high performance IPTV solution by advanced H.264 video decoder. It provides IPTV Operators with a cost effective way to deliver sophisticated interactive digital television service including multicast streaming, video on demand on, Internet access etc.

The SAX3-90S is a very flexible IPTV platform, supporting, MPEG2, H.264, VC1 decoding, diversely Middleware, Browser, Streaming Server, DRM etc. It is easily to meet the different equipments of customers for interactive multimedia services.

- H.264 MP/HP@L4.0/4.1
- Vc1 (Optional)
- HD (High Definition)TV
- Supports different Middleware and DRM vendors
- IR remote control
- 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
- Multicast streaming
- Video On Demand
- No air-cooling fan
- Audio outputs
- Stereo Audio
- Dolby 5.1 Digital Audio surround via S/P-DIF

*Video outputs
- SD: Composite, SCART_RGB (optional), S-Video
- HD: Component- RGB, HDMI/HDCP
- HD: 720p, 1080i
- 4:3 and 16:9 format
- Independent simultaneous dual output HD/SD
* DRM, Conditional Access by smart card (Optional)

System Interfaces
· Microprocessor: MIPS 300Mhz 450MIPS
· IPv4, IPv6 (Optional) support
· Fully configurable IP ranges: DHCP (Fixed by MAC or Dynamic), PPPoE

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